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It’s Back to Business…..73kg

October is here which means our Summer is well and turly over….and for me I felt completely uncomfortable with the size I became before I took my summer break. Reaching 60kg (9 stone 4lbs) in 2020 was a massive acheivement that I never thought possible, but since then, with all the upheaval of the Pandemic,… Read more »

We’ve Moved!!

After 12 years of teaching Zumba in Goodmayes, our Zumba classes have moved locations to it’s new home at Becontree Primary School!! We will be launching our first ‘in person’ Zumba class on Thursday 2nd February 2023 at 7pm until 8pm. To kick off our launch we are having a ‘Back to School’ themed party!… Read more »

I’m a Marathon Runner……again

I ran the Brighton Marathon……. It’s been a long 18 months of training for a Marathon due to COVID-19 restrictions, but on Sunday 12th September I ran my second live Marathon in Brighton. I hadn’t realise how hilly Brighton is until I actually ran it, and this Marathon became one of the hardest runs I… Read more »

LouLou Fitness is 10 years old!!

September is my Anniversary month!! This month I have reached my 10 year Zinversary for teaching Zumba at Goodmayes Baptist Church which also means LouLou Fitness is 10 years old! When I started teaching my first Zumba class on 8th September 2011, I honestly did not expect that I would still be teaching in the… Read more »

8 years on……and I am still not finished

8 years ago today I woke up, fed up with the way I looked.  Fed up with the way I felt, fed up with the way people treated me in social environments, fed up with being on the same medication as my parents, fed up to the back teeth with my life that I was… Read more »

Anything is possible!…..I did it!!!!

I honestly can’t believe it…..I’ve done it…’s been 7 years and 10 months but I actually done it…..From 18 stone, I am now 10 stone something!!!!!!! (69.8kg = 10st 10lbs)   These last 7 years have not been plain sailing.  There have been many emotional challenges such as, age, relationships, work, food but the one… Read more »

I love to eat….-1kg (2lbs)

oh I really do love to eat…, burger, chinese, thai, cakes, sweets, chocolate……everything really and I don’t deny myself any of the above.  So how am I able to do this and still lose weight?  Mainly because I make a lot of my meals at home.  Eating out is very rare for me as I… Read more »

Back on track……-4lbs

One week off the antibotics and I have a lost 2kg (4.4lbs).   How??  For one, not eating late at night and also drinking warm lemon water in the mornings. Drinking warm lemon water in the mornings has a number of health benefits, one being reducing weight as well as increasing your metabolic rate.  Drinking lemon… Read more »

Sickness isn’t getting me down……+ 1.5kg

This week I had a tooth infection and was given antibiotics to take for 5 days.  This meant I had to take these tablets with very large meals, 4 times a day.   For most people this wouldn’t sound like a bad thing but for me it was.  For the past 8 months I have… Read more »

No Alcohol, Pizza, Biscuits, Cakes…….I’m a LOSER!!

Oh wow… me, I was not expecting a loss of 5.5kg (12lbs) in a week. It must be the rubber bands in my hair LOL    So what did I do??? Drinks No alcohol – My holiday consisted of approx 10 – 12 cocktail berverages per day.  Don’t judge me….I was on an all inclusive… Read more »

I love treating myself…… is over…

Hopefully I am not alone with feeling fat after a holiday?  Two weeks of fun in the sun, plenty of food and alcohol and all those wobbly bits have come back, bigger and giggling more than before LOL.   If this is you and you are thinking the same as me, it’s time to get… Read more »

I can’t count to 50…..

When I was 5 years old I had a 110 IQ of maths and today…..well… seems I am unable to count up to 50. I signed up to a challenge to run/walk 50 miles in the month of January and although I was sick for 5 days and we have 2 days left in this… Read more »

Stop Eating late…..

….is my next target.  After last weeks heart attack, finding out that I gained nearly 2 stone, I needed a new focus and my cousin suggested I should sign up for the ‘Get Fit for 2018’ challenge with her.  So the challenge we are doing is to run or walk 50 miles in January which… Read more »

Stop Making Excuses and get moving!!!……

….is what I told myself on Saturday morning, and I finally got on those scales and weighed myself. Disappointment was not the word I screammed when I saw my weight, but it made me stand up and look.  Gaining nearly 2 stone in 8 months did not please me.  For the first time since my… Read more »

Why am I Vegan??

Many people have asked me why I am Vegan.  Is it because of animal cruelty? Is it to save the environment?  Is it because I heard or read about the long term health benefits of a plant-based diet?  My answer to all these questions is No.  One of the reasons was due to my client… Read more »