I’m a Marathon Runner……again

I ran the Brighton Marathon…….

It’s been a long 18 months of training for a Marathon due to COVID-19 restrictions, but on Sunday 12th September I ran my second live Marathon in Brighton.

I hadn’t realise how hilly Brighton is until I actually ran it, and this Marathon became one of the hardest runs I have ran so far.   As many runners know, you train for weeks on increasing your mileage, running at your finishing time pace and fueling the body with enough carbohydrates to keep your body energised in your run, but I did not expect so many steep inclines that were on the Marathon route in Brighton.  However the support we received from the crowds in Brighton was phenomenal. The music, the sweets, the water, the shouts of encouragement kept us all going.

The pain and tireness after running 26.2 miles all went away once I received my medal and goodie bag as I crossed the finish line.  To top it all I also ran a personal best time of 4 hours 56 mins and 31 seconds.

While I am in my recovery phase, post Marathon, my mind starts to think about how I can improve for my next Marathon.  Being a fitness professional, I worked hard on doing exercises to keep my body strong for the Marathon, keeping myself injury free by doing Pilates and Gym workouts regularly and changing and improving my nutrition.  For my next Marathon in 2022 I am incorporating swimming into my fitness routine.  Swimming is a low impact form of cardio that will work different muscles and improve my breathing endurance.

So if you are looking at taking up running or wanting to run your first Marathon, drop me a line if you need any guidance or tips.