LouLou Fitness is 10 years old!!

September is my Anniversary month!!

This month I have reached my 10 year Zinversary for teaching Zumba at Goodmayes Baptist Church which also means LouLou Fitness is 10 years old!

When I started teaching my first Zumba class on 8th September 2011, I honestly did not expect that I would still be teaching in the community 10 years later.   So much has changed over these past 10  years, from teaching one Zumba class a week to 2 Zumba and 5 Pilates classes per week, offering personal training sessions and online group exercise sessions.

It just goes to show when you are passionate about something you can make it work for you. For me I was able to combine my love for teaching and music and transform it into a business of offering the best class experience that makes you feel ‘epic’.

To celebrate such a landmark achievement our first Zumba class in September will be a Coloured Themed Zumba Birthday Party at Goodmayes Baptist Church to start our Autumn fitness season.  The colours are based on my logo colours of Pink and Purple.

On Thursday 9th September we will be wearing Pink and Purple or Pink and Black or Purple and Black and anything relating to a party…i.e your party hat, whisles, horns, party poppers.

Bookings for this class is made via GymCatch my fitness booking app.