I can’t count to 50…..

When I was 5 years old I had a 110 IQ of maths and today…..well…..it seems I am unable to count up to 50.

I signed up to a challenge to run/walk 50 miles in the month of January and although I was sick for 5 days and we have 2 days left in this month, I have so far clocked up 61 miles!!! Yep I smashed it LOL!

To be totally honest I have loved and hated the challenge.  I hated getting up early, especially when it was really cold outside in the morning, as I LOVE to sleep in.  Taking those first few steps on the road to get a rhythm of my running/jogging pace was also hard, but when I got going those negative thoughts went away.  I loved how much my mind would drift off and I would think about my day ahead.  I would also get into the music on my iphone and sometimes start singing along LOL.  I would get excited everytime my Garmin watch would vibrate telling me my pace per km.  If my pace had gotten faster than the time before I would get excited and set myself another goal for the next km.  Also seeing other fellow runners on the road would keep me motivated as I would make me feel less alone in my passion for running.

Finally seeing the skyline as it changed from dark to light or in night runs watching the moon and stars was so beautiful to see, it would make me realise that there is much more to see outside and around the area I live in than sitting on the sofa watching TV or scrolling through Facebook LOL.

So all in all, I have really enjoyed the Race At Your Pace Virtual challenge and I am tempted to do it again for March but sign up for 75miles.  What do you think?  Fancy joining me?

Can’t wait to get my t-shirt and medal 🙂