I love treating myself……..holiday is over…

Hopefully I am not alone with feeling fat after a holiday?  Two weeks of fun in the sun, plenty of food and alcohol and all those wobbly bits have come back, bigger and giggling more than before LOL.   If this is you and you are thinking the same as me, it’s time to get started.  So if you are looking for food or workout ideas, I am going to start sharing what I am doing to help get ourselves back on track.

First I got on the scales and weighed myself.  As you can see I gained 4.5kg during my holiday (just under 10lbs), the next I took a picture of myself.  It’s worth seeing what you look like at the start of a fitness journey/transition so you can look back and see how far you have come.  This is also a great way to keep yourself motivated when you get those fat feeling moments.  Next, I went food shopping and got some fresh vegetables.  As a vegan/plant based eater the meal ideas that I will be posting will be plant based so if you are a meat eater, please do subsitute any tufo or soy protein ingredients for meat.

Then I picked a day to start.  I choose today, 31st August as I wanted to start as soon as I got home as it is so so easy to make excuses…….I mean we love to delay things and wait until Monday or the 1st of the month…..but what’s wrong with today??

Finally I signed up for the September challenge of Race at Your Pace to complete 25 miles within the month.  For me, doing this challenge gives me a reason and a focus to do my own exercise……plus I like being outside jogging and looking at nature instead of being in a sweaty gym all day.

Good luck everyone…..let’s get our bodies moving again!!