I love to eat….-1kg (2lbs)

oh I really do love to eat…..pizza, burger, chinese, thai, cakes, sweets, chocolate……everything really and I don’t deny myself any of the above.  So how am I able to do this and still lose weight?  Mainly because I make a lot of my meals at home.  Eating out is very rare for me as I do have a lot of intoreances like gluten, dairy, starch and wheat so my kitchen is my takeaway.

I know, I know companies are doing a lot of vegan and gluten free options these days, however starch is a large ingredient that is practically in everything you buy!!

You may not think this is a big deal but potato starch, corn starch, maize starch, are common ingredients that are in a lot of pre prepared meals.  Meals that contain white potato, rice, pastry etc.  Too much starch makes me feel really ill, headaches, fatigue, flatulence as well as feeling really drunk….sugar rush lol.

What do I do to avoid these ingredients?  Change the flour.  I used gram flour (chickpea flour), buckwheat flour, coconut flour when I bake which is easier for my digestion.  Avoiding crisps and other snacks was really difficult to do in the beginning, but now I don’t stress about it as I know what happens to me when I do comsume them.

I mainly eat bulgur wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potato, chickpea pasta, lentil pasta…..the list can go on. There are lots of new alternatives to eating your typical white potato, rice, bread, and I mainly prepare them at home rather than buy them already prepared.

For example I made this Thai Green Butternut Squash Curry with soy chunks from Oumph and buglur wheat.  Trust me this was absolutely dislishous. I swapped the curry paste for a vegan alternative and added the vegetables I love to eat.


Slimming World reignited my love for cooking.  When I signed up to Slimming World in 2011 I bought their books and magazines and started making their recipes from scratch.  To be honest I found my meals started to taste so much better and fresher when I made them, instead of buying them.  I can tastes all the flavours of the ingredients more, plus I am able to swap out certain ingredients for the ones I prefer to eat.

Don’t get me wrong if I fancy something like a pizza, I will go out and have it.  I just won’t have it every weekend because I know how it affects me.

Like I said, I love to eat…..the more on my plate the better, so I make my meals from home.  This for me is how I am able to continue to lose and maintain my weight.

Why not give it a try and google a recipe you love to eat?