Back on track……-4lbs

One week off the antibotics and I have a lost 2kg (4.4lbs).   How??  For one, not eating late at night and also drinking warm lemon water in the mornings.

Drinking warm lemon water in the mornings has a number of health benefits, one being reducing weight as well as increasing your metabolic rate.  Drinking lemon water also is a good way to make water taste better especially for those that struggle to drink water.  I know it sounds obvious but putting the juice of a lemon or lime changes the taste of water and is also a better alternative to fizzy drinks.  So why not give it a try?

Losing 2kg this week is a great achievement and I am feeling more like myself and getting back on track, but there are people out there that don’t always agree.  Over the last 8 years I have lost around 6.5 stone (41kg) and during my journey there has always been someone that has said ‘you are looking too thin’, ‘you don’t want to lose too much that you look ill’, ‘I can see your bones’, ‘when are you going to stop’.  Although these people may be right in what they are saying or seeing and have your best interest at heart, in there opinion, we have to remind ourselves why we are losing weight?

It has taken me the last 8 years to have an answer to that question and it is because ‘I’ want to.

We have to remind ourselves that we are not losing weight or changing the way we eat to please someone else, we are doing it to make ourselves feel happy……and yes I am feeling happy!

There’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like what you are doing.  If I wanted to get a tattoo, new hair style, piercing, something to change my appearance, there’s always someone that wouldn’t like it and will want you not to change.

I remember before I started losing weight I ran for a train and when I got onboard I was so out of breath, it took me about 2 stops to calm my breathing down and the sweating….well it wasn’t pretty.  After I lost about 2 stone (12.7kg) I ran for the train and this time when I got onboard it took me about two breaths and my breathing back to normal.  This was such a clear memory for me, as at that moment, I realised I was getting healthier and began grinning like a cheshire cat on the train haha.

No one but you knows how these little moments make you feel and for me it was what made me continue to lose weight.

My journey is not yet over as I still have a number of areas in my body that I would like to tone up…..and if you are attending my Zumba and Pilates classes you will see we are all working on those areas together hahaha.   At this moment being 74.3kg (11stone 7lbs) makes ‘me’ feel happy and determine to reach ‘my’ goal.

So if you too, are trying to lose weight and want to feel great, just ask yourself…..who you are doing this for?….and hopefully the answer will be ‘You’ and start feeling happy……..because I am!!

Happier now than 8 years ago 🙂