loulou fitness Zumba
loulou fitness Zumba

Zumba with LouLou

The ZUMBA® program is a Latin-inpsired, dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movements, creating a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating and effective fitness system.

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A ZUMBA® class combines fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body using and aerobic/fitness approach to achieve a unique blended balance of cardio and muscle-toning benefits.

In our classes we use a range of different rhythms such as merengue, salsa, cumbria, reggaeton, soca, R&B, Azonto to name a few. You do not need to know how to dance to attend a Zumba® class, you just need to want to party, enjoy the music and have fun. We ensure that each Zumba experience has a party-like atmosphere.

Zumba Toning class focus on strength training exercises within the dances, as well as the addition of toning sticks. This type of class will not give you the full aerobic workout you know and expect from regular Zumba classes, but instead works on circuit training (a few minutes of cardio followed by a few minutes of strength training) which creates a higher calorie burn than strength training alone, offers some cardiovascular exercise and because it is still Zumba – it’s FUN!

The Zumba Toning Sticks are a pair of light weights (they come in 1lb and 2.5lb weights) that are typically used during a Zumba toning class. They are weighted with sand that allows you to shake the weight without the jarring to the body that would happen with a regular dumbbell. They are soft (so easy to hold on to) and they make a sound like a maraca when you sake them which makes them all the more fun.You are able to use light hand weights instead of the toning sticks in a Zumba toning class. The toning sticks aren’t expensive, so they are totally worth it for the fun factor alone. If you do go the hand weight route, you should never go above a 3lb weight.

Our Zumba classes are being held at:

Becontree Primary School
Stevens Road,
Dagenham, Essex
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Bookings for classes can be made via GymCatch app.

£6 per class per person

GymCatch is my online booking system that holds all my fitness classes in one place. Once you have registered on my page you can…

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