It’s Back to Business…..73kg

October is here which means our Summer is well and turly over….and for me I felt completely uncomfortable with the size I became before I took my summer break.

Reaching 60kg (9 stone 4lbs) in 2020 was a massive acheivement that I never thought possible, but since then, with all the upheaval of the Pandemic, my weight kept climbing and my fitness routine was non existent.

For 2023, I trained for the Richmond Marathon in September. During the 16 weeks training plan, although my running was consistantly building my food was too. I kept snacking on crisps and chocolate, eating Pizza and drinking alcohol.  As previous events had been cancelled or postponed, I felt the fear of another cancelled run event was making me sabotage myself with food.    Even booking a holiday did not save my cravings….I still ate.  Thankfully the Marathon went ahead but by then I was heavy and overweight….in my eyes.

And it showed.  The week before my holiday, I went through my summer clothes and most of them did not fit…..I had grown.  My heart sank….I knew the only person responsible for this was me.  However, I still packed my suitcase, grabbed my passport and jumped on the plane and said ‘F$&k it’, I’m on holiday!’

The moment I saw this picture, depression set in. I love taking selfies as you only see the top half of yourself, but when someone takes your phone and snaps a pic… see the true you.

Seeing those doughnut rings or car tyres around me, wide hips and saggy arms…….I instantly felt I was 18 stone again.  I knew what I had done.  The drinking, the eating, the bread, the cocktails……it all added up, I had to stop.  I need to fix up.  If I wanted the 60kg me back, or close to it, I  had to agree with myself what I needed to do to get myself back on track.

As soon as I landed in the UK, I jumped on the scales to see how bad my weight was, after the tears, I went out and did a food shop.   As a plantbased eater, it’s all about the fresh fruit and vegetables and planning what meals to cook.  I also set a weekly fitness routine, which I had struggled recently to stick to. I hope I can this time.

So today I ran 7 miles, worked out in the gym for 30 mins and I made a stirfry….tofu and vegetables with oven baked sweet potato and butternut squash.

I can hear you…..preparing food and planning meals is hard work!, I’m too busy!….I get it, but you don’t hesitate to plan your holiday’s or theatre trips or meet ups with friends and family.  So why can’t you use the same principles and plan your food and activities?

1st October is day one…..fingers crossed I will stick it my plan and be a LOSER again!!