Why am I Vegan??

Many people have asked me why I am Vegan.  Is it because of animal cruelty? Is it to save the environment?  Is it because I heard or read about the long term health benefits of a plant-based diet?  My answer to all these questions is No.  One of the reasons was due to my client pestering me for days to try having meals that were animal free.  At that time I was lactose intolerant so I wasn’t eating any dairy products, intolerant to gluten, wheat so no breads or pasta, intolerant to white potato and white rice and I was only eating turkey, chicken and fish oh and eggs of course.  So I thought why not…..why not try it for a day, one day turned into two, two turn into only eating meat at weekends, weekends turned into once a month and suddenly I didn’t feel the need to eat meat anymore.

I went on holiday and unfortunately the restaurants didn’t cater for vegans, especially with my fussy requirements.   So I reverted back to eating meat, only if I was unable to choose a meal that supported my current intolerances.  By the end of my holiday I was feeling so slugglish and heavy that I couldn’t wait to get back home and cook.  It felt like as soon as I stepped off the plane I was in the supermarket buying loads of vegetables and in my kitchen making plant-based meals again.  In the first few weeks I lost 10lbs and after a few months lost over a stone in weight.

Now most people would be really happy for this amount weight loss because this is why we go on or change our diet right???  Of course I was over the moon, who wouldn’t be,  I want down to a size 10-12…..yay.  However I also wanted to find out why my body kept reacting to certain foods in such embarrassing way such as stomach cramps, bloating, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea.  When I am at work or out with friends it gets really embarrassing having to go into the toilets every 5 mins or leaving the party early to go home and relieve myself.

The first 12 months going Vegan wasn’t easy, I did have meat now and again…..mainly on special occasions like my birthday, Christmas and Easter, but like I said before, the effects of eating meat weren’t pretty.  Making and eating plant-based meals is getting easier and easier, especially now that there are so many recipes online.  It has however highlighted other intolerances that I hadn’t considered.  But I won’t go into all that today but the journey never ends.  Whether it be losing weight, changing old habits, whatever it is, there is always a better way and the end result will always make it all worth it LOLOLOL