Chocolate Fudge cake equals 2lb gain

Lou +2lb = 6lbs to go     Jo no change = 10½ lbs to go

Chocolate fudge cake and ice cream really did taste gorgeous……but as they say ‘a moment on the lips a lifetime on hips’…..and I sure paid the price with a 2lb gain 🙁
Fingers crossed I will do better this week.

Going back to work last week has also had it challenges especially planning meals.  It has been really difficult as I’ve been tempted with the vending machines and tea trolley.  But I will be strong this week as I have made my snacks and fingers crossed Wednesdays weigh in will be good.

Summer is nearly here….and so is Race for Life.  This is the fourth year I am doing the race and we will be in Regents Park on 14th July.  If you would like to sponsor us please visit the link below or in person as I will have my sponsorship form.

4lbs to go! Whoop whoop!

Lou -1 = 4lbs to go    Jo -3 = 10½ lbs to go

Well done Jo for losing 3lbs this week.  Your loss shows that you can have fun, take a break from dieting and still get back on track and lose weight.  I am so proud of you girl 😉
The Cosmos meal is getting closer and I am getting sooooo excited as I know I will be making duck pancakes all night. LOL

Sometimes losing small numbers can be disheartening. Kim, from Barking, reminded me that 1lb of weight is the same as losing 2 bars of butter…….Yes I said Butter. Having that image in my head, to know I lost 2 bars of Anchor butter off my body, makes losing 1lb seem a hell of a lot.  Even ½ lb is one bar of butter……can you image!

Losing small numbers is really big in comparison and when you add up all those small numbers it equates to a lot of bars of butter.

I’m getting closer…….5lbs to go!

Lou -1½ = 5lbs to go    Jo +4½ = 13½ to go

Gaining weight should not be upsetting as long as you know why.  Jo had a weekend away and drank three bottles of Champagne…… Champagne = 4½ lbs….’Simples’.
The main thing is that she had a fabulous time. When I reach 5 Stone I am going to go straight for the Rum 😉

Losing weight can give you lots of little surprises.  On Wednesday Kim from Weight Watches, Barking, has so far lost 109lbs (7Stone 7lbs).  She was so excited that when putting on her leggings she saw daylight between her legs.  I knew  exactly where she was coming from.  Being big everything touches and believe me when you see daylight you know you have reached a huge milestone.

I am so glad I am incorporating body conditioning to my Zumba® classes as it would help people like Kim to tone their bodies.