4lbs to go! Whoop whoop!

Lou -1 = 4lbs to go    Jo -3 = 10½ lbs to go

Well done Jo for losing 3lbs this week.  Your loss shows that you can have fun, take a break from dieting and still get back on track and lose weight.  I am so proud of you girl 😉
The Cosmos meal is getting closer and I am getting sooooo excited as I know I will be making duck pancakes all night. LOL

Sometimes losing small numbers can be disheartening. Kim, from Barking, reminded me that 1lb of weight is the same as losing 2 bars of butter…….Yes I said Butter. Having that image in my head, to know I lost 2 bars of Anchor butter off my body, makes losing 1lb seem a hell of a lot.  Even ½ lb is one bar of butter……can you image!

Losing small numbers is really big in comparison and when you add up all those small numbers it equates to a lot of bars of butter.