September is here……Classes are back on!

Oh yes, you are not alone this year has gone by far too fast.  The Summer, what’s left of it, is coming to an end and September has arrived!

The good news, our classes are about to open for September to start the Autumn season of fitness.

Our Pilates classes will be held at Chadwell Heath Community Centre with our 6 week course starting on Monday 7 and Wednesday 9 September and our Zumba classes will start on Tuesday 8 and Thursday 10 September at Goodmayes Baptist Church.

As we start get back into work mode, kids going back to school and starting to get ourselves back to the usual routines, have you thought about the goals you would like to achieve?  There are 4 months left of 2015 with Christmas just around the corner……….what is it that you want to aim for?

For me there is an evening dress I have not been able to get into since the early part of this year and it would be truly amazing if I could get into it before the party season starts.  So to get myself ready I am blowing the cobwebs off my recipe books and finding those recipes that I can make so I can portion them out throughout the week, instead of missing meals and snacking on junk food.  It is far to easy to get caught up in the summer hype of BBQ’s and social events believing you have reached your goal when in reality we are nowhere near where we want to be.

Over the weeks I will update you on what I make to help give you ideas for you and your families.