Over the moon…….lost 4lbs

Lou -4lbs = 2lbs to go          Jo +½lbs = 11½lbs to go

Well well…..what a week. Completing Zumba Gold training, Dancing in Heels across the bridge Westfields Stratford shopping centre for New Look, to be rewarded with a 4lb loss (plus a new pair of heels) is the icing on the cake.  Writing down what you eat really can keep you focused.

Doing something different will most certainly make your body react and in my case Dancing in Heels at 6.30am did it for me. LOL.  My diet? I had a lot more fish, green vegetables and oranges this week.  Try something different, you may surprise yourself.

2lbs to reach 5 stone……..can I reach it next week?


Serves: 4
Prep time: ready in 20 minutes
Cook time: plus approx 2 hours’ setting


12g sachet powdered gelatine
1 large orange
1 eating apple
juice of 1 lemon
100ml Pimms No.1 Cup
450ml diet lemonade
cucumber ribbons, to decorate


1. Pour 4 tablespoons of boiling water in a large bowl and sprinkle over the gelatine. Stir until dissolved and then set aside.

2. Slice off the top and bottom of the orange, then slice off the skin taking away as much of the pith as possible. Slice in between each segment to release the flesh and place in a bowl with any juices.

3. Core and finely chop the apple and toss in the lemon juice to prevent browning. Mix with the orange segments and divide between four serving glasses.

4. Mix the Pimms with the gelatine and lemonade and pour over the fruit. Chill for around 2 hours until set.

5. Serve decorated with cucumber ribbons.