No more Chocolate until 31st October………

One of the guys…Ed…at the gym finds it hard to not to eat bread and wants to lose the last bit of weight so he can show off his six pack (typical).  So we made an agreement that if he gave up bread until 31st October I would join him and give up chocolate (going to be hard at this time of year).

For Ed its not just bread but baguettes, rolls, wraps, pitta bread, cakes, are all off the menu (his choice) and for me chocolate in all forms, cakes, crisps……boy this will be hard lol. However, It would be interesting to see how our bodies react to the change over the next few week, and we must be honest with each other and confess if we cheat.

DoNotTouchSo if you see me or Ed with any of these things in our hand…..give us a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Anyone fancy joining us? Give up something for the hell of it challenge?