New Week….New Mission

Well ladies I can’t believe it…… I went and bought a size 16 trousers yesterday……..Oh yes…….honestly never thought I would be in a position to purchase such an item and I owe it all to Slimming World and Zumba.

This purchase has reminded me to keep focused on my goal of losing 1 stone before Christmas which is 6 week (41 days away) Ahhhh!!! And so far my weight loss is 3.5lbs.  Due to my busy schedule I missed my weigh in last week but will definitely get weighed this week and update you all.

Ladies…….. isn’t’ it hard to not eat those chocolates, cakes, sweets in the office or pick them up in the supermarket?  My goodness ….that little voice in my head keeps telling me that ‘it’s ok’, ‘it’s only a treat’….well I am certainly not good on will power but I know I have my family and friends and my fat pictures to remind me of how far I have come.

How are you guys doing?  Mum and I are noticed the changes in you at our Zumba classes and we would love to hear about your updates.