Monday Message from Unity Zumba

Thank you Adele and Bob (Unity Zumba) for these inspirational words. I am now ready for my week of Zumba!!

Consistent routines help keep extra pounds off during winter months.

As we settle into the colder temperatures of winter, some people may be seeing an unwelcome increase in the size of their waistlines. Shorter days and chillier outdoor conditions make it all the more challenging to suit up and hit the gym or streets for a workout – especially when it means leaving the confines of a toasty, warm home to do it.

We do tend to gain more weight in the winter because we’re eating more starchy foods, more comfort foods, and often times, grabbing the wrong types of foods. For some of us, it might be a combination of comfort foods and the weather outside, in other individuals it might be something else.

That includes ensuring you’re eating breakfast, enjoying a protein at every meal, eating at least one high-fibre whole grain and not eating past 7 p.m. as late-night eating can compromise digestion and energy. When it comes to cutting cravings, it is recommended you try chewable vitamin C or sipping on a green or herbal tea. But if you are in need of something sweet, indulge the urge – within reason. People should aim to get in 30 minutes of continuous exercise five times a week. For those wanting to stay warm, why not hop on a treadmill or walking around the shops.  Alternatively, if you’re taking transit, head on foot to the next stop, or park your car a bit further away in the lot to add extra steps.

“It’s really all about what we do every day, and if we want to change our behaviour every day, we have to do it in ways which we find a sustainable behaviour change – things that become second nature to us.”