Love Haribo Sweets……….gained 6lbs

Oh yes it’s true, I gained 6lbs in one week and all thanks to the great taste of Haribo and Maoam sweets.  I totally got comfortable in treating myself especially since I’ve been ill… know, feed the cold stave the fever.  Anyway since watching Supersize vs Superskinny last night I have totally refocused.

Watching how easy it is to lose yourself in food and how easy it is to put on weight.  I am so lucky to find a diet and exercise routine that is working for me.  Looking back at old pictures, looking in the mirror, wearing size 14 clothes….these are all the things that I am proud of and will keep in mind when I feel to eat a sweet or chocolate bar.

But hey, we should treat ourselves sometime, but I will make sure they are one off treats and not a daily routine.

So ladies….are you ready to help me work off these 6lbs in class this week??