It’s Pancake Day!!

It’s Pancake day, the day to have your last treat for 40 days, so lets make sure our treat tonight is healthy……….after a good Zumba workout.

It’s Tuesday Zumba double, 6pm Zumba and 7pm Zumba with Toning at Goodmayes Baptist Church.  Let’s get the party started! 

 Makes: 8 pancakes
Syns per pancake: 1½ Syns


57g plain flour
2 medium eggs
142g/5oz fat free fromage frais
145ml/¼pt skimmed milk
Fry Light


Sift the flour into a bowl and make a well in the centre. Add the eggs and fat free fromage frais and whisk until smooth. Pour in the milk and whisk again to form a batter. Stand for 30 minutes, then cook one at a time in a non-stick pan lightly sprayed with Fry Light.

Top tip: If you’re in a hurry use a ready made pancake mix (128g pack makes 12 small pancakes, around 2 Syns per pancake)