I am really feeling the cold……76.5kg

I am feeling over the moon that I have reached 76.5kg but I am seriously feeling the cold weather which no one…..and  I mean no one prepares you for lol.  With less body fat around me I am having to wear a lot more layers of clothing to keep myself warm LOL.  Oh nevermind………losing just under 7kg (15lbs) in 5 weeks is definitely something to celebrate.


But I must be eating less food to lose weigh, right? I hear you say………Nope….I’m afriad not.  I am eating very large portions however I am on a Vegan based diet.  I cook all my meals at home and the rare times that I go out to a resturant, I eat what I want as long as my body doesn’t react to it (no gluten, no wheat etc).

Spelt has now made a home in my kitchen cupboards and I am enjoying it and getting great results.  Spelt is an ancient grain which should not be confused with common bread wheat, barley, rye or even Oats.  Spelt contains gluten but a lot less than the common wheat.  I am totally addicted to Spelt in the form of noodles, pasta and cereal flakes and I purchases these mainly from HealthySupplies.co.uk

This week meals I have made are Enchiladas, sometime I just make the filing and have it with pasta and I am also making these Mediterranean Sweet Potatoe which are to die for.  I have finally started jogging again, since my injury last year, and I am hoping to get strong enough to complete a 10k.

I’m sorry there was a delay in this blog post but I hope it has inspired you to try Spelt.  See you again in a few weeks.