Great start to 2013……lost 5.5lbs

What a great first week of the year for fitness.  Our Zumba® classes started back with a bang with so many people determined to make a change in 2013.  The energy in class was electric and I am ready to help shape and change your bodies.

Having gained 5lbs over the two week Christmas period, I was so happy that I lost 5 ½ lbs this week.  My main change was replacing honey in my porridge to dried fruit, such as dates and prunes.  This change helped me crave less for high sugar foods.  I now take less sugar in my tea, hoping get to zero sugar.

With next weeks change of weather please make sure you are wearing layers when you come to Zumba®.

Goodmayes Baptist Church, Tuesday’s at 6pm and 7pm, Thursdays 7pm