Farewell Slimming World……

After 3 years, 2 months and 6 stone lighter I have decided to ditch the Slimming world scales.

This decision was not easy, believe me, as I have enjoyed the food and recipes, consultants and the motivation from the groups, but I need to stop focusing on the numbers on the scales and focus on what got me here in the first place to ensure I don’t go back……tackling the emotional side.

Unfortunately these diet programmes do not look at our emotions in too much depth as it is the area that we all refuse, one way or the other, to deal with because it’s too hard or painful. This is the hardest part of dieting, not changing the food or the way we eat, it is looking at the true cause of why we use food so badly that we gain weight.

This next part of my journey is not going to be easy but I know it would get me where I want to be……happy in my own skin.

My blogs will update you on my progress and what revelations I have.  My first is my love of avocados. I did not realise how refreshing and filling they are on their own in a meal. I have only eaten them as guacamole LOL. I am now eating them at least once a week LOL.

A big huge thank you to Slimming world for giving me my life back. I would not have achieved this weight loss without your programme. #SixStoneLighter