And so it begins….

Ladies I can’t believe……… I’ve lost 3lbs this week!!  Oh yes only 11lbs to go before I reach my target of 4 stone by Christmas. Whoop Whoop!!

Now the next few weeks are going to be hard for all of us to get motivated as we get into the holiday season.  We have Halloween parties, Bombfire night parties, Christmas drinks, Christmas work parties, cakes and chocolate treats in the office and finally friends and family birthday’s……………ladies, it’s going to be hard work to keep focused.

With Zumba, diet, family and friends, and our Christmas goals I hope we can work together to feeling good for Christmas.

What did I do differently this week to achieve 3lbs weight loss?  Well……it’s funny………one of my colleagues at work has joined Slimming world and listening and seeing the type of food she was eating got me thinking again about what I am eating.  I bought fruit to snack on during the day, drank more water and found new recipes.  Ladies let me tell you, it was not easy but when is anything you want easy to obtain?  So to keep us girls at work on track we have decided publish our weight losses and the person with the highest weight loss by Christmas gets a treat of their choice.

So if you would like to join us in monitoring your weight loss over the next few weeks let me know by leaving a reply.