3 week break……lost 5lbs

I’ve changed my life!……….I have finally learnt how to eat healthy and maintain my weight!!  Girls and boys it is possible to enjoy eating ‘those foods’ and still lose weight……honest.  Current total 5 stone 5lbs!!!

Don’t get me wrong my journey has not been easy but it can be done with the help and support of friends and family, plus your own personal determination.  Outside of family and friends I have had the Slimming World plan and my passion to dance.  Now I have the knowledge that I can do it myself.

So what have I been doing?  Other than my regular Zumba classes I have been going to the gym and doing strength training, dancing salsa, eating home cooked meals and going out with friends.  Changing your life should not be boring, it should reflect YOU and what you stand for.  So don’t give up just make your journey work for you.

Zumba classes are currently on summer break and will reopen week commencing 10th September with a new Zumba Gold class starting on 17th September.