2015 is nearly here!

I hope you had a great Christmas and are getting ready to welcome in 2015. If it was anything like mine you would be feeling like a beach whale and desperate to get back into your fitness regime and get rid of those festive seasonal food pounds gained.

Well to get me motivated I decided not to wait till 1st January to action my new years resolution, I am doing it today, well from 26th December. I have set a target of losing 14 pounds by the spring and bought a new pair of jeans that are, at the moment, too small for me with the aim of getting into.  I find that having a goal keeps me focused.

Now exercise can be done at anytime but the eating healthier is more difficult. So with the reduced prices of vegetables now in the supermarkets I am getting my cook books out and making soups and other dishes that I can portion out to eat during the week. Planning our meals is key as well as keeping it healthy and not processed.

My starting weight is 82kg (12st 12lbs) and I am determined to get to 11st……yes determined.  Let’s do this!!