Feeling lighter in 2 weeks……..lost 4kg (9lbs)

What a difference a few weeks can make.  Getting myself back into my kitchen, preparing my own meals has definitely paid off.   Losing 3kg in one week just shows that by feeding the body with food and drink that’s healthy and not loaded with sugar or drinking alcohol really can make a difference.



Losing 1kg in the second week has given me so much joy to still be a LOSER! but for some people it may seem like a failure of my weight loss has slowed down.  In reality it is not just about the numbers on the scales, it also about how you feel inside as well as body image.


People have asked me how am I losing the weight?

Well at the moment my meals are becoming more and more Vegan.   For at least 5 years I have not been able to eat dairy products and recently I have been eating less and less meat and more vegetable and pulses.  This change in my diet has given me more energy and my skin is looking better and healthier.  I am not saying that this is the way we should all be eating but for me it works.  Over the years I have listened to my body and I am now giving it the foods and drinks it enjoys instead of the foods and drinks that causes me pain and discomfort.

This week ‘Buglar Wheat’ is the new food that has joined my cupboards.  It reminds me of Couscous but it is more filling…..in my opinion.  It has more fibre and protein, lower GI and higher vitamins and minerals than your typical white rice…..plus it taste really lushous with roasted vegetables.  Why not try making ‘Buglar Wheat with Roasted Vegetables‘ and ‘Roasted Aubergine

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, I am now going to blog every fortnight, but my weight will still be recorded weekly.