4lb loser……Bye bye Haribo

Oh yes…..I’m getting back on track…….I lost 4lbs this week!!!  It sure has not been easy saying goodbye to Haribo but after getting on the scales last night I know it was worth it.

How did I stay focused? Other than walking down the confectionery aisle of Tesco and cursing bad words at the biscuits, sweets and chocolates, I decided to tweet on twitter what I was eating …… and I mean everything including night time snacks.  Tweeting really did help keep me on track.  Also hearing your personal achievements, weight losses, inches disappearing on your bodies especially from the Barking class this week, at week 4 you are seeing changes.  This type of news is what its all about. Working together keep us all determined to reach our goals.

Thank you so much………I am so so proud of you all.  We will get there together.

Don’t forget next week we are having St Patrick’s Day celebrations…..get your outfits ready!!!