Our Pilates classes are now being held live at St Chad’s Church Hall and online using Zoom. 
To book onto a class you will need to use my online booking system GymCatch that holds all my classes in one place.

Pilates is an exercise technique that was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s for elite athletes and professional dancers. Over the years the Pilates technique has evolved to be more widely available for to anyone wanting to stay fit.

I was absolutely amazed at what Pilates exercises has done for me, as it not only helps you on the inside but makes you feel better from the inside out.  For years I suffered with a bad back and pains in my knees.  Pilates helped to improve my posture, strengthen my back and knees and gave me the confidence to run a 10k and in January 2020 I ran my first Marathon in Marrakesh.

Improved Posture

Improved Balance

Reduced Lower Back Pain

Greater joint mobility

Greater core strength/stability

Improved coordination

Reduced stress levels

Stronger pelvic floor

Stronger immune system

Increase muscular strength, endurance and tone (flatter stomach)

Beginners  – This class will introduce you to the fundamentals to Pilates and get your body moving using breath, alignment,, control and good techniques to the exercise.

Pilates – This class will offer a variety of modifications and alternatives to the Pilates exercises enabling all clients of varying abilities to work at their own pace.

Barre – is a fusion of Pilates, Ballet and Yoga exercises to up tempo music.  By combining these workout techniques, you will be using your whole body by strengthening your core and lengthening your muscles (such as abs, arms, hips and thighs) which will result in a toned body, improved posture, increased flexibility, burns calories and gains lean muscle using small isometric movements with high repetitions.

One to One Sessionsare tailor made for you to meet your individual needs and give you a better understanding of Pilates. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this personal one 2 one training session will focus on improving your strength, stamina, co-ordination, control of movement and posture.

To book a one to one session, please contact me

Our Prices

Taster class for new customers £10, price thereafter

1 Class £13
2 Sessions for £25
4 Sessions for £45
8 Sessions for £90
(to be used in consecutive weeks)

Bookings using GymCatch

Live Classes
St Chad’s Church Hall

7pm, Beginners Pilates
11am, Beginners Pilates

Online Classes

8.15pm, Barre
9.30am, Pilates Barre