I love to eat….-1kg (2lbs)

oh I really do love to eat…..pizza, burger, chinese, thai, cakes, sweets, chocolate……everything really and I don’t deny myself any of the above.  So how am I able to do this and still lose weight?  Mainly because I make a lot of my meals at home.  Eating out is very rare for me as I do have a lot of intoreances like gluten, dairy, starch and wheat so my kitchen is my takeaway.

I know, I know companies are doing a lot of vegan and gluten free options these days, however starch is a large ingredient that is practically in everything you buy!!

You may not think this is a big deal but potato starch, corn starch, maize starch, are common ingredients that are in a lot of pre prepared meals.  Meals that contain white potato, rice, pastry etc.  Too much starch makes me feel really ill, headaches, fatigue, flatulence as well as feeling really drunk….sugar rush lol.

What do I do to avoid these ingredients?  Change the flour.  I used gram flour (chickpea flour), buckwheat flour, coconut flour when I bake which is easier for my digestion.  Avoiding crisps and other snacks was really difficult to do in the beginning, but now I don’t stress about it as I know what happens to me when I do comsume them.

I mainly eat bulgur wheat, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potato, chickpea pasta, lentil pasta…..the list can go on. There are lots of new alternatives to eating your typical white potato, rice, bread, and I mainly prepare them at home rather than buy them already prepared.

For example I made this Thai Green Butternut Squash Curry with soy chunks from Oumph and buglur wheat.  Trust me this was absolutely dislishous. I swapped the curry paste for a vegan alternative and added the vegetables I love to eat.


Slimming World reignited my love for cooking.  When I signed up to Slimming World in 2011 I bought their books and magazines and started making their recipes from scratch.  To be honest I found my meals started to taste so much better and fresher when I made them, instead of buying them.  I can tastes all the flavours of the ingredients more, plus I am able to swap out certain ingredients for the ones I prefer to eat.

Don’t get me wrong if I fancy something like a pizza, I will go out and have it.  I just won’t have it every weekend because I know how it affects me.

Like I said, I love to eat…..the more on my plate the better, so I make my meals from home.  This for me is how I am able to continue to lose and maintain my weight.

Why not give it a try and google a recipe you love to eat?


Back on track……-4lbs

One week off the antibotics and I have a lost 2kg (4.4lbs).   How??  For one, not eating late at night and also drinking warm lemon water in the mornings.

Drinking warm lemon water in the mornings has a number of health benefits, one being reducing weight as well as increasing your metabolic rate.  Drinking lemon water also is a good way to make water taste better especially for those that struggle to drink water.  I know it sounds obvious but putting the juice of a lemon or lime changes the taste of water and is also a better alternative to fizzy drinks.  So why not give it a try?

Losing 2kg this week is a great achievement and I am feeling more like myself and getting back on track, but there are people out there that don’t always agree.  Over the last 8 years I have lost around 6.5 stone (41kg) and during my journey there has always been someone that has said ‘you are looking too thin’, ‘you don’t want to lose too much that you look ill’, ‘I can see your bones’, ‘when are you going to stop’.  Although these people may be right in what they are saying or seeing and have your best interest at heart, in there opinion, we have to remind ourselves why we are losing weight?

It has taken me the last 8 years to have an answer to that question and it is because ‘I’ want to.

We have to remind ourselves that we are not losing weight or changing the way we eat to please someone else, we are doing it to make ourselves feel happy……and yes I am feeling happy!

There’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like what you are doing.  If I wanted to get a tattoo, new hair style, piercing, something to change my appearance, there’s always someone that wouldn’t like it and will want you not to change.

I remember before I started losing weight I ran for a train and when I got onboard I was so out of breath, it took me about 2 stops to calm my breathing down and the sweating….well it wasn’t pretty.  After I lost about 2 stone (12.7kg) I ran for the train and this time when I got onboard it took me about two breaths and my breathing back to normal.  This was such a clear memory for me, as at that moment, I realised I was getting healthier and began grinning like a cheshire cat on the train haha.

No one but you knows how these little moments make you feel and for me it was what made me continue to lose weight.

My journey is not yet over as I still have a number of areas in my body that I would like to tone up…..and if you are attending my Zumba and Pilates classes you will see we are all working on those areas together hahaha.   At this moment being 74.3kg (11stone 7lbs) makes ‘me’ feel happy and determine to reach ‘my’ goal.

So if you too, are trying to lose weight and want to feel great, just ask yourself…..who you are doing this for?….and hopefully the answer will be ‘You’ and start feeling happy……..because I am!!

Happier now than 8 years ago 🙂

Sickness isn’t getting me down……+ 1.5kg

This week I had a tooth infection and was given antibiotics to take for 5 days.  This meant I had to take these tablets with very large meals, 4 times a day.   For most people this wouldn’t sound like a bad thing but for me it was.  For the past 8 months I have been working hard on balancing my food and decided that I had to stop eating late at night to achieve my weight loss goals, which is why I like doing ‘Intermittent fasting’  (I will explain more about this in another blog).

Teaching classes in the evenings meant I was coming home and munching on anything I could lay my hands on in the kitchen……or from wondering around the supermarket LOL

Eating in the evenings and during the night to enable me to get rid of this infection wasn’t what I wanted but I had to do it.  I thought to myself……I could let this ‘infection’ get me down and stay in bed and moan or I could put a positive spin on it and get up and continue my fitness regime.  It was hard as I had headaches, fatigue, dizziness and nausea while taking the tablets, but I got up and still completed my runs and workouts on top of teaching classes and I am very happy to see that I only gained 1.5kg (3lbs ish).

My motivation or drive was telling myself that these tablets were only for 5 days.  After 5 days they will no longer be here and I can get back to doing what I am doing.

Trust me this wasn’t my first thought…..it was, ‘I’m going to get fat again….eat late again…..ruin all the hard work I have already made’.   Then I thought, No….no I am not going to let this ‘one’ infection define me and stop me from looking and feeling good.

All my life I have let ‘whatever’ be an excuse to stop me from doing what I am doing and binge on food and/or drink.  You know, an arguement, not getting a job, failing an test, being overdrawwn in your bank account LOL……you know where I am coming from right, LOL   I thought no, this infection WILL go away and I WILL be better, healthier and stronger and I WILL get back on regime.

I am very glad that I have got to a point in my life that I can change my mindset and be positive about my future as it paid off with a small weight gain.

To keep me even more motivated I made a blackberry and mango crumble….yes you read correctly, blackberry and mango.  You may not think they go together but they were in my fruit basket, I like eating them both so I thougth put them together in a dish and make a crumble and it was delishious LOL

As I have a wheat and gluten intolerance I made the crumble with walnuts, pecans, tiger nut flour, vanilla essence and maple suyrup, blend and placed it on top of the fruit.

So next week is a brand new week and I will be antibiotic free!!!  This means no more late night eating, start drinking lemon water in the mornings again, eating lighter meals…….oh boy I can’t wait LOL.

Keep staying positive and don’t give up on your dreams!!


No Alcohol, Pizza, Biscuits, Cakes…….I’m a LOSER!!

Oh wow…..trust me, I was not expecting a loss of 5.5kg (12lbs) in a week. It must be the rubber bands in my hair LOL    So what did I do???

No alcohol – My holiday consisted of approx 10 – 12 cocktail berverages per day.  Don’t judge me….I was on an all inclusive holiday LOL!!  Since being back home I have not had a glass but I have been drinking green tea, a glass of warm lemon water every moning, plus about 2 litres of water a day.

Pizza!! – On top of my meals, I had about 4-6 slices of pizza per day.  Whenever I am abroad, the food is much more fresher and better for my digestion and of course I indulged.  Now that I am back home I am staying away from pizza and got myself back in the kitchen.  My Kitchen is my happy place and this week I made a roasted aubergine curry with quinoa thanks to BBC GoodFood recipe.

Sweets, Cake and Biscuits – I have a huge sweet tooth and of course when I see something I like, vegan blueberry cake, vegan ice cream I dive right in.  Eveyday I had a plate of the sweet stuff after lunch and dinner.  I am planning on making a vegan berry crumble this weekend….a girls got to get her sweet fix LOL.

Being on holiday for me does not include doing any form of exercise except for walking around the city centres and surrounding areas.  Fitness is my full time job and being on holiday is a time to escape the norm, however on this holiday I couldn’t resist doing a 30 minute stretch class for 6 out of the 13 days of my holiday.

As soon a I returned home I couldn’t wait to put my trainers back on.  This week I went out jogging 3 times at a distance of 6km (3.7miles) each time.  Each time my body felt alive again.  Cardiovascular or areobic exercise has many health benefits, improved heart health, lower cholesterol and psychological benefits, improves mood and better sleep.  These are some of the reasons why I love running and teaching Zumba classes.  They are both great forms of cardiovascular and areobic exercise and during each I make sure I play the music I enjoy which makes it all the more fun.

A holiday is just a holiday, when you return home going back to the norm shouldn’t be hard or difficult to do.  We all know alcoholic drinks are high in calories especially beer, wine and cocktails so why do most of us have a glass or two in the evenings?  Reducing the amout you drink can significally reduce your calorie intake.  If I can lose 5kg in a week……what can you acheive??

Start by changing one thing……what would you choose?

Next week it’s all about adding strength to my workouts.  Time to get the weights out!!!  Zumba Toning starts back at Goodmayes Baptist Church on Tuesday 11th September 7pm.

Time to tone the body for the festive party season……Watch this space!!