Overindulged………10lb gain

OverindulgeIf you are feeling like me, stuffed and heavy after a wonderful Christmas dinner, attending all those Christmas parties and visiting friends and family for drinks nibbles. Don’t worry you are not alone.

I braved the scales this morning and found that I gained 10lbs……….yes really 10lbs but I am determined to get myself back on track. I’ve opened my recipe book this morning and started to plan my meals for the week, found a bootcamp to attend in January which will give my body something different to do in 2014 and there is no more temptations like chocolates in my kitchen. LOL

If you gained over the festive season too, don’t worry it was our once a year blowout. So let’s draw a line and start again and get our goals written down for 2014.  Let’s start as we mean to go on.

Today is Advent!

Advent2013It’s so exciting……..1st December is here which means Advent starts today!  But for me, I decided to do it differently, instead of chocolate being behind each door I’m going to do a different exercise each morning for the next 24 days.

This inspiration has come form Ed who has done an amazing job of abstaining from eating bread and cakes for 30 days. He feels so much happier in himself and noticed changes in his personal training as well as his digestion. I am really proud of him and will continue to work with him as he prepares to run a marathon in April.

So today’s exercise is going to be press-ups, tomorrow squats and so on. Why not do something different.

Don’t forget our last Zumba class for 2013 is Thursday 12th December and its Party night!