Time for a new Challenge

The winter has been long but the summer is coming and my body is not ready, so to kick start myself back into action I decided to set a few challenges.

I want to running/jogging the 10k for Race for Life.  I’ve registered for the July 14th run in Hyde Park and I’ve started training. I’m determined to beat my previous time of 1hr 45min which was done walking in 2009.

Wearing a size 12 dress would be a dream come true so I’m aiming to lose another 7lbs. This would give me a target weight loss of 6 stone.  The past few months the pounds have been creeping back on and now I’m ready to take control and get it off for good.

To get myself started I got some new music to run too and set myself a new training programme to help tuck in those bulges that had accumulated over the winter.

Why not set a challenge for yourself?  What have you got to lose other that the old you?

Challenge yourself

British Summer Time has begun…….honest

Although the weather is not exactly on the same page as our calendars, British Summer time has begun and our days are getting longer.  This also mean our summer holidays vacations are getting nearer and nearer.

With Easter weekend coming to a close and all those hot cross buns and chocolate eggs being consumed are you thinking what I’m thinking?  What has the past weekend of indulgence had on our waistline?

Well a solution is here……..Zumba Fitness can help you start shedding those extra pounds and bring some sunshine to your day or week.  Our classes are held in Goodmayes Baptist Church on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you like Salsa, Merengue, Cumbra, Samba then pop along to one of my classes, you will be surprised at how much fun you will have.