Pre Easter Zumba® Workout

It’s that time of year again when we are tempted with Cadburys Creme eggs and Hot cross buns and knowing that ‘a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips’, but never fear LouLou is here to give you your Pre Easter Zumba® Workout.

With your pre Easter Zumba® Workout you will be able to burn those calories so that you can have that special egg on Sunday 8th April……cos we all deserve a treat.  Mine is a Malteser Egg as I so love Malteaster Bunnies…..what is going to be your Easter treat?

Once Easter is over to kick start your workout we are hosting Easter Zumba® parties on:

Wednesday 11th April at St Margaret Church, Barking – 8pm

Thursday 12th April at Goodmayes Baptist Church, Goodmayes – 7pm

We are wearing Yellow or you can fancy dress as an Egg, Easter Bunny or wear your Easter bonnet.



Raising Money for Motor Neurone Disease


A number of instructors including myself will be donating our time to teach our favourite tracks to raise money for this great cause.  The Zumbathon will be happening on Saturday 31st March at Valence Primary School, Bonham Road, Dagenham, RM8 3AR starting at 1pm – 5pm.  There will be Zumba, dancing, raffle, food and a DJ on the day.

Spring is here……Lost 2lbs

The sun is shining and the spring collection are in the shops.  Losing weight is making it so much more fun to shop.  With my total weight loss now at 4 Stone 5 1/2 lbs I have 8 1/2 lbs to go to lose 5 stone……..can I get to 5 stone by summer?

Two years ago I never, ever thought this would be achievable, but it can be if you set yourself small achievable goals, because they soon add up.  One of my ladies in Barking has now lost 91lbs…….what an amazing achievement.


Lost 11/2 pounds this week

What a week it has been. Preparing for this weekends trip to Wales with UFDance has not been easy.  When you are out and about shopping for a weekend away it is really easy to eat from those fast food shops or buy ‘healthy’ sandwiches when actually you buy those unhealthy ones.

Tweeting what I am eating was really difficult, believe me, as it made me take responsibility for what I am eating.  Putting down those naughty foods was hard but helped me to recognise a pattern.  It seemed I replaced Haribos with Kit Kats. With a quick adjustment I was still able to lose weight.

The good news, that while shopping I realised I am  now getting into sizes 14/16 which is a reward in itself.  I am now ready to shake my thang in Llandrindod Wells in Wales.

4lb loser……Bye bye Haribo

Oh yes…..I’m getting back on track…….I lost 4lbs this week!!!  It sure has not been easy saying goodbye to Haribo but after getting on the scales last night I know it was worth it.

How did I stay focused? Other than walking down the confectionery aisle of Tesco and cursing bad words at the biscuits, sweets and chocolates, I decided to tweet on twitter what I was eating …… and I mean everything including night time snacks.  Tweeting really did help keep me on track.  Also hearing your personal achievements, weight losses, inches disappearing on your bodies especially from the Barking class this week, at week 4 you are seeing changes.  This type of news is what its all about. Working together keep us all determined to reach our goals.

Thank you so much………I am so so proud of you all.  We will get there together.

Don’t forget next week we are having St Patrick’s Day celebrations…..get your outfits ready!!!

St Patrick’s Day is Coming……Party time!!

St Patrick’s Day this year falls on  Saturday 17th March and to celebrate we will be having a St Patrick’s Day Zumba® Party!!!

Wednesday 14th March at Barking St Margaret’s Church, 8pm

Thursday 15th March at Goodmayes Baptist Church, 7pm

Dress code: Wear something Green or Fancy dress as a Leprechaun, Shamrock or something relating to St Patrick’s Day.  Come on if Spongebob can do it so can we…..time to shop for outfits!