Getting back on track…..lost 1lb

I lost 1lb today leaving me with1 ½ lbs to go for my 4 stone goal.  I am really finding this time of year is really hard.  It’s cold outside and the desserts are looking so attractive …….you know what I mean, mince pie and custard, crumble with custard……..anything with custard really soooooo tempting…….those M&S adverts don’t help either.

To help I remind myself of where I was a year ago, look back over those pictures, remembering how unhappy I was and then those craving go away and I have a syn free snack instead.  You got to love Slimming Worlds terminology, ha ha.

This week I hope to be more in control of my diet to get those last pounds off and we will be working hard in our Zumba classes.  See you during the week.


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