And so it begins….

Ladies I can’t believe……… I’ve lost 3lbs this week!!  Oh yes only 11lbs to go before I reach my target of 4 stone by Christmas. Whoop Whoop!!

Now the next few weeks are going to be hard for all of us to get motivated as we get into the holiday season.  We have Halloween parties, Bombfire night parties, Christmas drinks, Christmas work parties, cakes and chocolate treats in the office and finally friends and family birthday’s……………ladies, it’s going to be hard work to keep focused.

With Zumba, diet, family and friends, and our Christmas goals I hope we can work together to feeling good for Christmas.

What did I do differently this week to achieve 3lbs weight loss?  Well……it’s funny………one of my colleagues at work has joined Slimming world and listening and seeing the type of food she was eating got me thinking again about what I am eating.  I bought fruit to snack on during the day, drank more water and found new recipes.  Ladies let me tell you, it was not easy but when is anything you want easy to obtain?  So to keep us girls at work on track we have decided publish our weight losses and the person with the highest weight loss by Christmas gets a treat of their choice.

So if you would like to join us in monitoring your weight loss over the next few weeks let me know by leaving a reply.

Halloween Zumba Party – 27th October

Halloween is approaching and LouLou is having a #Zumba Halloween Party in Goodmayes on Thursday 27th October at 7pm.

Dress code: Wear black/orange or black/green and wear any fancy dress customes you desire to make the night as spooky as possible.  Fancy being a witch or a cat or even a pumpkin.  We will be dancing to Michael Jackson Thiller track and other spooky songs.

I can’t wait….ladies!! we are going to have so much fun!!  Looking forward in seeing you on Thursday

Christmas Challenge!!!

I had some serious cravings for chocolate and sweets lately and thanks to my #Slimming World consultant and friends on Facebook giving me inspirational words of wisdom, I have decided to set myself a goal to help keep myself me focused.  My goal is to lose 4 stone by the end of the 2011.  Today I’ve lost 3 stone so just another 14lbs to go.  How am I going to get there you ask? I’ve just purchased a size 16 party dress for Christmas and my goal is to lose those inches and look fabulous in it.  Now I hear you say……..that’s not difficult, however for me it is.  Girlfriends I am so excited………I have never been able wear a ‘dress’ for a party I have always and to wear two piece outfits.

So it’s around 9 weeks till #Christmas and setting this type of goal should help me keep focused on avoiding the naughty foods. Wow! The temptation is too much Celebrations, mince pies, Hob Nob biscuits, Yorkshire pudding and gravy, sticky toffee pudding and custard, Ben and Jerry Ice cream….OMG I could go on but you get my drift, its going to be hard.  I am going to need your support.

Fancy joining me??

Set yourself a realistic goal or buy a dress that you know you need to lose some inches to fit into and see if we can work together in our #Zumba classes to reach it.  Up for it? Let me know your goal and we can work together to get rid of those bingo wings and loose tires.

Are you a Loser!?!

It has been 7 weeks since the launch of Zumba with Lou Lou and it would be great to hear if you have had any weight losses or if you can ‘pinch less than an inch’ and lost inches.

Send me a comment on my website or reply to this post of your success as it will help those new to Zumba to see the type of benefits they can get from Zumba especially at Lou Lou’s Zumba parties!!

Double Zumba in Goodmayes

I’m just so excited that we have two #Zumba classes in #Goodmayes.  Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm – 8pm.  So bring your dancing feet and have a great #Zumba party with Lou Lou!!!

Don’t forget Halloween Party on Thrusday 27th October, wear something black and orange or black and green and we will have a spooky #Zumba party!!

Zumba Halloween Night

Thank you ladies for another great #Zumba class tonight and welcome newcomers to LouLou’s #Zumba party!!

We’re getting ready for #Zumba #Halloween night in #Goodmayes with Michael Jackson Thriller and other horror/thriller tracks.  Dress up for Halloween on 27th October wear something black and orange or black and green and lets have a party!!!

New Tuesday Class

Launching #Zumba with LouLou on Tuesdays 11th October at Goodmayes Baptist Church from 7pm – 8pm!!!  Limited parking spaces available.  Bring your dancing feet and join the party!!!

Thursday 6th October

What a great night we had tonight.  Although the weather has now turned cold we soon hot up the place with #Zumba!!  Well done ladies we sure partied tonight!!  See you next week as we are on Tuesday and Thursday nights!!

My New Site

I am really happy with my new website I hope you like it too……… this space